International celebrity chef Aldo Zilli has partnered with well-established coconut experts TIANA Fair Trade Organics on their new CocoPacific brand. The new brand was created after repeated calls from consumers and trade partners for a low price point raw virgin coconut oil for cooking.

The new brand is up to the same high standards of the multi-award winning UK manufacturer, but is incredibly affordable. CocoPacific is the best affordable raw virgin coconut oil and organic coconut sugar in the UK. CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is Aldo Zilli’s choice of oil for cooking and baking.

He said: “I have tried various virgin coconut oil brands but my ultimate choice is CocoPacific.”

“I highly recommend CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking and baking.”

A popular TV chef, Aldo Zilli is going to educate consumers on how to incorporate coconut oil in their everyday cooking. He will raise awareness of the uses and benefits of coconut oil, focusing specifically on the CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil brand, so consumers can use this coconut oil as an everyday staple food.

Aldo Zilli will also create a set of delicious recipes and videos to proudly support the CocoPacific brand. Why Famous Celebrity Chef prefers CocoPacific Raw Virgin coconut oil to other coconut oil brands?

CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is a premium quality virgin coconut oil without a premium price. It is a high quality and the best value for money virgin coconut oil available in the UK. It is made with only one ingredient – 100% cold pressed coconut oil. It is free from cholesterol, any chemicals and trans-fats. CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is suitable for all types of cooking, baking, frying and roasting.

Aldo Zilli said: “I have been using CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking and baking, and created special recipes for main courses, desserts and snacks. All of them are not only delicious but also very healthy with no cholesterol, and no trans-fats.”